Nurse Nurses And Patient Ratio Law

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Abstract In 2011, nurses from El Paso became upset due to the low nurse staffing in hospitals. To raise awareness of this issue, these nurses protested outside of Las Palmas hospital. The shortage of nurses in hospitals results in the patients-to-one-nurse ratio to increase. The issue of too many patients to one nurse causes nurses to become exhausted, and also patient mortality to increase due to poor care. Hospitals believe in saving money for other things rather than hiring more nurses to solve this problem. Although, hospitals from California had the same issue, Californian nurses took action to resolve the nurse staffing issue. Eventually, the state of California passed a Nurse to Patient Ratio Law in 1999, which provided a solution to the nurse staffing issue. Therefore, this issue in El Paso can be resolved if nurses follow the same footsteps as the nurses from California. Keywords: Patients-to-one-nurse Ratio, Nurses, Low Nurse Staffing, Nurse to Patient Ratio Law, El Paso, California Introduction In the hospitals in the city of El Paso, Texas, nurses are utilized to assist patients with proper healthcare, but how can this happen if there is not a sufficient amount of nurses to give each patient the attention they need? Most of the hospitals in El Paso have been facing this issue of low nurse staffing. This issue came about when hospitals decided not to hire “too” many nurses because they would have to spend more money. The issue of low nurse staffing has lead
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