Nurse Nurses And The Physician

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It was a quiet Thursday night for the labor and delivery unit with an almost clear whiteboard. As I made my rounds, the nurse asked for my help with a patient who may need to undergo an emergency C-section. Within 15 minutes, the physician determined that the emergency C-section was imperative. The nurse and I prepared the patient for surgery. I held the patient’s hand as the anesthesiologist gave the patient an epidural block; she smiled at me and thanked me for my help. She confided that she was nervous because it was her first pregnancy. I continued to hold her hand while the nurse and the tech transported her to the operating room. As we approached the operating room, the patient tightened her grip from both anxiety and excitement. I…show more content…
The physician’s precise slit allowed for enough leeway to grasp the baby’s head. I could see the baby’s head full of hair and tightly squeezed eyes as he prepared to leave his mother’s womb. The baby gasped for his first breath of air – it was a boy. The baby wailed, flexing his arms and kicking his legs. The nurses carried the baby over to the patient, and I saw the patient exude pure joy when she first laid eyes on her son. At the same time, the physician resumed surgical work on the patient, removing the placenta and placing it inside a container. She diligently and precisely realigned each layer with stitches similar to a puzzle, creating a clean line of stitches, so there would be minimal scarring. In less than ninety minutes, an OBGYN saved the life of a mother and her newborn child who, moments ago, had taken his first breaths. The opportunity to be physically present for the birth of a new life changed my perspective about medicine. I had always feared that some parts of medicine may be too nauseating for me. However, being under the strikingly bright lights, I felt excited and joyful, instead of nausea, because I had the opportunity to be a part of the birth of a new life. This moment showed me that medicine isn’t always about treating an illness, but is also about bringing a new life into the world. When I saw the patient meet her baby for the first time and cry tears of joy, it showed me how I can
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