Nurse Nurses And The Physician

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It was a quiet Thursday night for the labor and delivery unit with an almost clear whiteboard. As I made my rounds, the nurse asked for my help with a patient who may need to undergo an emergency C-section. Within 15 minutes, the physician determined that the emergency C-section was imperative. The nurse and I prepared the patient for surgery. I held the patient’s hand as the anesthesiologist gave the patient an epidural block; she smiled at me and thanked me for my help. She confided that she was nervous because it was her first pregnancy. I continued to hold her hand while the nurse and the tech transported her to the operating room. As we approached the operating room, the patient tightened her grip from both anxiety and excitement. I was permitted to enter the operating room, so I quickly scrubbed in alongside the nurses and the physician. I walked through the double doors with a brightly lit sign that read: OR 3. This would be the first birth I would witness. The patient lied on the operating table with an opaque sheet that covered her view. The large beaming white lights shined on the patient’s pregnant abdomen. Within minutes, I heard the physician say, “Ready? Scalpel.” The physician gestured me to move closer to the operating table and allowed me to view the patient’s internal system; the physician said, “Here is the patient’s uterus and there’s her bladder.” I was amazed by the body’s capacity and durability. The physician continued her procedure and announced that
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