Nurse Nurses Should Provide Well Organizes Nursing Care

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Hospice Nurses should provide well organizes nursing care that meet the needs of the patient that need help, as each patient get through their difficult time. The Charge nurse have to work very hard to make sure the communication among all member of health care staff receive and understand properly, having the proper and working equipments, having all of the supplies and medications that are needed. Nurses will have to work with attending physicians and associate nurse to get everything in ordered from the time when patient enrolls into the hospice program. All of nurses, which including hospice nurses, are need to be trained propel to provide care that need for help the patient. By the guide of nursing care that support the standards rule…show more content…
Sometimes it is difficult to know who the licensed staff is, because some of the hospices are allow the staff to wear casual "street dress" to make sure that create a patient can feel like home-like atmosphere for them. The Hospice nursing care identifies that the purpose of a hospice is to make available “palliative care to terminally ill patients and supportive service to patients, their families and significant others, 24 hours-a-day, 7 days-a-week in both home and facility based settings.” ( A terminally ill patient is one who has been identified by a physician having an illness for which a cure is not possible. “Palliative care” is treatment that relieves discomfort and enhances quality of life. Often the patient, his or her family and physician will decide what might constitute palliative care. Medicare is the one of provider that spends largest of money for hospice care; Medicare will cover physician’s services, medical appliances, outpatient drug, and medical social service that patient need to pay. Medicare beneficiaries have the right choose what type hospice care they wanted go and admit in; they give up the right to standard Medicare benefits only for treatment of the terminal illness (Jones A, 2006). Hospice nurse can gives the physicians order they need and make arrangements for PT, OT, speech therapy, nutritional counseling, if it is in the patient’s care of plan. The
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