Nurse-Patient Colostomy

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Mr. X was a male in his forties that presented to our medical-surgical floor post-operatively following a colectomy with a permanent colostomy placement. He was diagnosed with colon cancer and had several inches of his colon removed. He was present on the unit accompanied by his wife, who visited him with his three children frequently. He was engaging in numerous post-operative interventions such as deep breathing exercises, incentive spirometry use, early ambulation, pain management, deep vein thrombosis prophylactic treatment, and regular dressing changes. Additionally, close attention to the patient’s gastrointestinal assessment and surgical sites were considered. Patient education on colostomy care was also being initiated and routine nursing…show more content…
Mr. X’s care was individualized and goals were set and reevaluated throughout his stay at the hospital to meet his needs. Through this process a strong nurse-patient relationship was formed that allowed for improved communication in patient education. The strong relationship also fostered positive conversations about body image and emotional challenges the patient was facing. Through education and therapeutic communication, the patient increased his level of comfort with the colostomy and by discharge he stated that he felt better about his body image and his personal care. Ethical knowledge remains essential throughout nursing practice because many situations are not black and white. Cancer care often stands as an area where gray scenarios may arise. Mr. X’s case was fairly clear. He was a young male with a family that depended on him. In order to survive he needed to undergo treatment and have the necessary surgery. His physician was confident that he excised the entire tumor and that his outlook was good. The associated benefits outweighed the risks in his case; however, he was not left without lasting effects of the surgery and personal challenges to
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