Nurse-Patient Interactions Related to Diabetes Foot Care Essay

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In today’s world, research and it implications to nursing practice are paramount to positive patient results. The following critique of the quantitative research article entitled “Nurse-Patient Interactions Related to Diabetes Foot Care” written by Lisa Sue Flood. This is a critique of her research study dated November of 2009 Oakland University, Rochester Michigan. Problem Statement, Study Purpose, and Research Question Diabetic foot care is becoming an ever increasing concern as diabetes has reached epidemic proportion. This has increased the associated diabetic problems such as amputations and non-healing ulcerations. The increase in education in this area is of extreme importance in order to control this epidemic from affecting…show more content…
Conceptual Model The Interaction Model of Client Health Behavior (Cox, 1982) was used as a framework for this study because of its focus on identifying nurse factors and elements of nursing interactions with potential impact on client health outcomes. The inception of the study indicated an importance of nurse-patient interaction in regards to diabetic foot care. At each juncture in the study it reiterates this importance, finally concluding by keeping nurse-patient interactions the center of nursing practice (Shattell, 2004); nurses may be able to have a positive impact on foot health of patients with diabetes. This was all in keeping with the health model. Review of Related Literature The literature review as it pertained to this study was pertinent from the inception of the research all the way through to the results and conclusion. It was used to keep the researcher focused toward completion of this quantitative study. This was seen by her comparison of her study to several articles that were used for review. Study Design A descriptive correlational design was used during this study. The correlation design is proper in this situation as they are trying to find the correlation between nurse-patient interactions to diabetic foot care. The correlation between the two is evident throughout the study as a direct comparison was continually made between them.

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