Nurse Patient Ratio

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Presently in the health care field there is a push for safe nurse to patient ratios in acute care settings to provide quality and safe practices that will reduce the risk of complications and adverse effects as the acuity of patients continue to increase. As patients are staying in acute care facilities for less time, resulting in the need for continued care after discharge. The fluctuation of higher rates of acuity of patients in the skilled nursing facilities and nursing home setting is placing higher demand on staffing, which is already at higher ratio levels of nurse to patient. Other studies have shown safe staffing ratios are essential to provide safe and quality care to patients while maintaining a safe work environment for staff.…show more content…
The database utilized in the search was the Shapiro Library and EBSCOhost search engine for relevant articles. The inclusion criteria contained: peer reviewed scholarly, academic journals and date range of 2013 to 2017. Limiting the search criteria for recent, relevant articles which had been validated by peers produces data that have trustworthiness and merit. The final sample was determined based on the population in the study, staffing levels and patient quality outcomes. Data Analysis and Critical Appraisal All articles chosen present with clear understanding and well researched data. The contents are associated with reputable, valid sources including Federal and State agencies and are current peer reviewed articles and all the authors’ present respectable credentials in the healthcare field. The strengths of “The mediating role of staffing on quality of care in nonprofit and for-profit nursing homes in Indiana” by Gichungeh and Kim (2015) include a well-defined purpose and problem formulation associating the correlation between nursing home ownership and staffing in Indiana nursing homes. The weakness of the article is alternative factors, including the nonspecific breakdown between the types of ownership with specific outcomes and quality deficiencies. The gap is how facility funding and the type of ownership impacts the quality of care in nursing

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