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Nursing Practice Act Rules Cindy Hersey Fortis College November 05, 2013 A professional nurse who lacks the knowledge, ability to understand, and competence to delegate care appropriately not only Puts the patient at risk for injury, but also puts his or hers license in jeopardy. The practice of nursing requires specialized Knowledge, skill, and independent decision making. The purpose of delegation was put into perspective when Corazzini et al. (2010) said delegation by RNs is a primary mechanism for ensuring that professional nursing standards of care reach the Bedside. RNs must be made aware of which nursing tasks can be delegated and which cannot. Most importantly , they must know that basic delegation skills…show more content…
Nursing tasks delegated should be considered routine care for a specific patient, pose little potential harm, performed with a predictable outcome, and administered according to the plan of care. There should be an assessment of nursing needs including the frequency of nursing care and, the stability of the patient (UT Admin Code R156-31b. Nurse Practice Act Rule, 2013). It is up to the nurse/delegator to determine the delegatee’s knowledge, skills, abilities, and any training that will ensure that the task will be handled appropriately and safely. If it is necessary the nurse/delegator must provide instruction and direction to the delegatee. The nurse/delegator or another qualified nurse must be available to supervise the delegate and delegated task. The level of supervision needed will be determined by the training, capability, and willingness of the delegate to perform the task. A delegate may not delegate to another person or expand the delegated task without the permission of the nurse/delegator. Once the delegated task is completed the nurse must evaluate the delegated task, patient’s health status, determination if the goals are being met and if the delegation of the task may be continued (UT Admin Code R156-31b. Nurse Practice Act Rule, 2013). In section R156-31b-704 the rules for the recognized scope of practice of an RN are outlined. It states that the RN, RN managers, and RN administrators should practice
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