Nurse Practioners Play a Huge Role in Health Care in Canada

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Intraprofessional Project: Role Clarity Nurses are one of the largest portion of health care workers in Canada (Kosier pg. 3). They played a big part in shaping the Canadian health care system and have made a recognized impact on the health of patients, patient’s families, and their communities (Kosier pg. 3). This project is a description of nursing as a Regulated Health Profession which means it is an occupation that requires extensive education and training to gain a body of knowledge and is regulated by the College of Nurses of Ontario (Kosier). Nurse Practitioner is a registered nurse that has additional education and nursing experience ( In this paper I will provide information on the roles of the Nurse Practitioner,…show more content…
These additional acts include ordering certain diagnostic tests, explaining a diagnosis to patients, and prescribing certain drugs (healthforce..). To be eligible to write the extended class registration exam, nurses must first graduate from a CNO approved education program (healthforce..). The only approved program in the province is the Ontario Primary Health Care Nurse Practitioner Program, which is a 12 month full time certificate program. It is available to registered nurses who meet specific criteria regarding experience levels and previous academic performance (healthforce..). Employment “There are four NP specialty certificates in the Extended Class, NP Primary Health Care, NP Pediatrics, NP Adult and NP Anesthesia.” (Healthforce). This wide range of NP specialties allows Nurse Practitioners to work in a variety of settings such as community health centers, clinics, urgent care centers, public health units, long term care facilities, and hospital (Healthforce). Regulated Health Professional What does it mean to be a Regulated Health Professional? To be a regulated health professional you must be part of a regulated health profession, which is a health profession that is regulated by a regulatory college (Regulated Health Professions, n.d.). These regulatory colleges were established by a law called the Regulated Health Professions Act, to

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