Nurse Practitioner - Personal Narrative Essay example

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Recently, I was able to take a trip down to Tijuana, Mexico, where I had the opportunity to volunteer at an orphanage for ten days. While at the orphanage, I was able to help build a sidewalk and a garage for a family who was fleeing domestic violence. During my trip I experienced one of the greatest feelings in my life, which was the complete self-fulfillment and joy in helping another human being. I knew from then on helping people and having the privilege to serve others would be something I would want to do as lifetime career. Thus, combining my love for helping people and my interest in the medical field, I decided to research the occupation of being a nurse practitioner to see if this would…show more content…
This job will have many emotional demands and you must have the ability to remain clam and flexible in the frequent emergency situations. However, once you learn how to balance the paperwork, the schedules, and the emotions from patients, doctors, and families, you can handle almost anything. Finally, with people living longer than ever before and new technology and medications found every day to treat diseases, being a nurse practitioner will give you the opportunity to touch many lives each day. The exact training of a nurse practitioner definitely varies from person to person, depending on the setting in which he or she works and the field of specialization chosen. Although, state requirements for the licensing and registration vary, in almost all states you must be a registered nurse before becoming a nurse practitioner. Thus, “there are three ways to become a registered nurse (RN): an associate’s degree, a diploma at a hospital school of nursing, or a bachelor’s-degree program at a college or university” (Nurse Practitioner Vocational, 65). However, a bachelor’s degree is generally necessary for anyone who wants to receive a master degree, which is the next step in becoming a nurse practitioner. These programs last one to two years and provide studies in diagnostic skills, health assessment,
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