Nurse Practitioners : A Nurse Practitioner Essay

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Nurse Practitioners
Carly Clay
Professor Stewart


A Nurse Practitioner has a very serious job. Being a nurse practitioner is not a job for someone who is not willing to work hard and be ready for anything at any moments notice. There are many different specialties to being a nurse practitioner such as emergency care, pediatric. Nurse practitioners work long hours and can work anywhere, from a doctor’s office to a hospital.
Becoming a nurse practitioner is a common career now a day. There are many different places that a nurse practitioner could work. Family Nurse Practitioners are on the front line of working with families to ensure the health and well being of a wide range of people. Nurse Practitioners can work long, hard hours for a well paying salary.
Nurse practitioners work with other doctors to ensure that patients stay healthy or become healthier once again. Due to their training in clinical medicine, nurse practitioners are able to make diagnoses and treat patients for many different health problems (Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP), n.d.). Although nurse practitioners are not doctors, they are advanced registered nurses. The description of duties that are expected of a nurse practitioner are as followed: developing treatment plans for different conditions, educating patients on proper healthy habits, conduct exams, preform different tests and exams, caring for patients and helping prevent further sickness,

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