Nurse Practitioners In The Nursing Field

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The Impact of Nurse Practitioners in the Nursing Field
Today, in the United States there are some people who do not know what a Nurse Practitioner is? Therefore, a Nurse Practioner is a nurse that “is responsible for managing health problems and coordinating health care for the perioperative patient in accordance with State and Federal rules and regulations and the nursing standards of care (assessment of health status, diagnosis, development of plan of care and treatment, implementation of treatment plan, and evaluation of patient status)” (CCI, 2016). To become a Nurse Practioner some nurses must receive a master’s, post-master’s, or a doctorate’s degree including up to 5 years of experience
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In the University of Colorado, “Dr. Loretta Ford and Dr. Henry Silver develop the first Nurse Practitioner (NP) program in 1965” (American Association of Nurse Practioners, 2016). They had done this program to do a study about the role of the nurse in the community, and after they published their findings they developed the Nurse Practioner role in the Nursing field. Therefore, with the new addition of the nursing role it has changed the healthcare perspective because now nurses who want to be Nurse Practioners can now do a wide range of assessment, diagnoses, treatment, and health promotion for patients. In 1967, “Boston College initiates one of the earliest master's programs for NPs. In 1968, Directed by a nurse and physician team, the Boston-based Bunker Hill/Massachusetts General Nurse Practitioner Program begins” (American Association of Nurse Practioners, 2016). In other words, now Nurse Practioners can achieve a higher level of education for this new nursing role in the medical field, so that they can receive a more experience and skills to treat patients with better care. In 1985, “The American Academy of Nurse Practitioners (AANP) is established. In 1994, Mundinger publishes "Advanced Practice Nursing – Good Medicine for Physicians" in The New England Journal of Medicine, further supporting facts that NPs are cost-effective and quality primary health care providers”…show more content…
Since the development of this role during the Vietnam war, now many nurses can increase their skills, experience, and education to become one of the most prominent careers any Registered Nurses can be. Therefore, today in the United States, many Nurse Practioners can study and focus on a certain specialty units in their career such as Pediatric Nurse Practioner who can provide care for babies, young children, and school aged children. With Nurse Practioners on the rise in the nursing field, many patients are receiving more satisfactory care from them because they are taking the time to accurately assess, diagnose, and treat their patients with the proper care possible. Without Nurse Practioners, we would not have had a detailed perspective on healthcare and the patient’s health in general. Therefore, Nurse Practioners set an example for every Registered Nurses since history that they have the possibility of advancing in their careers in the medical field by expanding their skills and clinical experiences; as a result, by doing so they can get a different perspective of healthcare that no one has yet to

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