Nurse Practitioners Vs Healthcare Professionals Essay

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Recently, I have been reading publications regarding the “debate” over what type of patients should be seen by which licensed professional. Frequently this discussion revolves around the use of Nurse Practitioners, or Physician Assistants versus Physicians. Well-discussed arguments for both are abundant.
Neither, however, have anything to do with the license one owns. As a licensed and board-certified MD, I have encountered matters better suited to others. My license is more about a regulatory issue and has less to do with the skill or experience. For example, as a Hypertension Specialist, based on my skills and training when my patients need dietary counseling and stress management, I am neither the most appropriate nor the best-qualified person.
Therefore, in treating a patient, let’s focus on who has the nonpareil skills and experience. This requires shifting the conversion to that of quality and outcomes rather than licensing. As professionals, it is incumbent upon us to ensure that those we serve are receiving what is needed by those adeptly qualified to deliver the care.
Currently, however, we do not view the situation through such a lens. Perhaps, the most important question is, how do we monitor providing qualified, skilled health care providers. For instance, has our focus switched from delivering value to those
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For instance, athletic teams have mastered this concept to a more preponderant degree than medical teams. Obviously, for them, the outcome is simple to measure, final scores indicating the better team. Therefore, while healthcare is not so straightforward, the ideal of using each of our skills and experiences to their greatest degree holds true. Conversely, just because I went through four years of medical school and countless years of post-graduate training does not guarantee I can deliver the most appropriate
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