Nurse Ratio

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Great post! I also agree that the nurse’s role is to promote and ensure optimal health for all our patients. I do wish that more hospitals truly cared about their patients. My facility went from a not-for- profit community hospital to a profit hospital owned by a large corporation. I thought with more money from a bigger company the hospital would flourish. Over the past 2 years, we have seen such a change and it’s for the worst. It’s all about the money. They have cut so many corners, I feel I’m working in a hospital from 20 years ago. The nurse to patient ratio is horrible. They push nurses to their breaking point where they quit and then hire new nurses with no experience for cheaper wages and do the same all over again. We have seen a drastic increase in unnecessary codes around the hospital due to lack of staff and inappropriate…show more content…
I love working in critical care and they can only push the ICU nurses so far, but the medical floors are at their max and they continue to push. Floor nursing has gone from 6 to 1, to 7 sometimes 8 to 1 nurse/patient ratio. The nurse tech ratio has also increased which means less help for everyone. I hope and pray things change for this once wonderful hospital. With profit hospitals, I feel it’s all about the money. I read an interesting article on the problems we face with nurse staffing issues and hospital operations. For us to do our job properly and take care our patients the nurse to patient ratio and the lack of staff needs to change for many hospitals. If you adequately staff a floor and purchase proper equipment and show you care, I guarantee that certain hospitals would not lose staff every day to poor working environments. The ones that suffer the most due to these cut corners are our
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