Nurse Sensitive Indicators

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Nurse Sensitive Indicators Samantha Hardley Western Governors University Nurse Sensitive Indicators Nurse sensitive indicators are intended to measure patient and family satisfaction of care. Whether it be perception of care, quality of care, care management or patient outcome. Nursing care is a critical determination in the quality of care in hospitals and in patient outcomes. They are a critical component of the healthcare delivery system. According to the American Nurses Association (“Nurse Quality Indicators”, 2011) the definition of nurse sensitive indicators is as follows: “Nurse sensitive indicators reflect the structure, process, and outcomes of nursing care. The structure of nursing care is indicated by the supply of…show more content…
We look at the actual patient with the nurse and the CNA checking their skin, peri area, and pressure areas to monitor for pressure wounds. We speak with the patient and their families to ensure their experience is going well at our facility. We monitor patient falls whether there was an injury or not. We look to make sure nurses are putting in new care plans, families and physicians have been informed, fall mats are on the floor, and bed alarms are in place. We monitor restraints on patients, assess the continued need, making sure they are released regularly, and correct documentation in in place. Along with monitoring, we use root cause analysis on all new central line infections, new CAUTI’s, and new non-socomial wounds to evaluate why our patients have developed the issue. Root causes are the underlying problem they are somewhat identifiable and allow us to generate recommendations. By using root cause analysis we are able to analyze what, how and why something has happened to prevent reoccurrence. It is important for our staff to understand the root cause so they can give the best care possible to each and every one of our patients. Using all of these tools we educate the staff. We can educate at the bedside, classroom or roving in-services. With education not only are the staff able to understand the quality indicators they are also able to identify any
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