Essay about Nurse Shortage in America

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Nurse Shortage In America There is a shortage of all health care professions throughout the United States. One shortage in particular that society should be very concerned about is the shortage of Registered Nurses. Registered Nurses make up the single largest healthcare profession in the United States. A registered nurse is a vital healthcare professional that has earned a two or four year degree and has the upper-most responsibility in providing direct patient care and staff management in a hospital or other treatment facilities (Registered Nurse (RN) Degree and Career Overview., 2009). This shortage issue is imperative because RN's affect everyone sometime in their lifetime. Nurses serve groups, families and individuals to foster …show more content…
The third shortage is the understanding that nurses are needed to deliver care. "The current situation in the United States may, to some extent, reflect this type of shortage, since recent hospital restructuring has often entailed nurse short-staffing that seems to reflect a lack of awareness on the part of some decision-makers that an adequate quantity of skilled nursing is needed (What is the nursing shortage and why does it exist?., 18 October, 2007)." The fourth shortage is the nurse education and empowerment shortage. This is a big problem in today's situation. Many of the nursing educators are nearing retirement, and the lack of empowerment and encouragement to obtain further education is the main cause. In society, how are we supposed to produce more Registered Nurses if there is a large lack of qualified educators to assist and coach them through education and training? In 2000, it was estimated that there were 110,000 open nursing positions, by 2025, it is projected that the open nursing positions will grow to 260,000. The shortage is due to many aspects including, rising population, decreasing of new students in nursing school, decline in nursing earnings compared to other growing occupational fields, aging of nursing workforce and the aging population that will need health care services in the near future. A survey found that 55% of registered nurses intend to retire between 2011 and 2015. This is primarily the
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