Essay about Nurse Shortage in Nursing Homes

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Nurse Shortage in Nursing Homes Nursing shortages have been an issue in the health care field for a few years now. This shortage is seriously impacting nursing homes and the elderly in our society today. With a shortage of 8.1% of nurses in 2008, it is important to understand what is happening to nurses (Addressing the Nursing Shortage, 2010). To help one understand the nurse shortage more, this paper will discuss resource scarcity, stakeholders, economic flows, changes in supply and demand, pricing decisions, along with a business proposal. The business proposal will discuss where the market has a shortage of providers, list of services the firm will provide, explanations of set prices, and who will be hired and how much one will be…show more content…
Equilibrium price and quantity can be affected because the services that are demanded by consumers are not the same as the supply of the service the firm has. Without a supply of nurses, the demand for services will continue to rise, making pricing decisions difficult for nursing homes. Pricing Decisions Conclusion (Will finish once the paper has all sections completed.) Business Proposal of Nursing Homes Nursing home shortages of nurses According to an article submitted by Rosenfeld, 2009, the growing trends of an aging population require the need for more nursing services. In addition, there are insufficient numbers of facilities to train new nurses (Rosenfeld, 2009). The above issues pertaining to nursing shortages have created what is called a “nursing crisis” which have caused and will continue to cause dramatic shortages on a national basis. Qualified instructors available to teach nursing students in educational facilities are beginning to be a problem within the nation. Most nursing instructors that teach in educational facilities are advanced in their line of work, and many of them are expected to retire within the next five years. New faculty of nursing programs will be in priority when the number of retirees increases (Rosenfeld, 2009). Predictions according to
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