Nurse Shortage in Saudi Arabia

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Introduction Background The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has committed vast resources by allocating more than 13 percent of its annual budget in improving the Kingdom's medical care system, with the ultimate goal of providing free medical care for everyone. This commitment has been translated to more than 330 hospitals operated by the government and the private sector, with a capacity of more than 50,000 beds. Of these hospitals, 184 are run by the government, with more than 16 thousand doctors, 40 thousand nurses, and more than 25 thousand assistant nurses according to the Ministry of Health (2003). Based on these figures and the Saudi population of 20 million people, to satisfy and maintain the current health care standard, one out of every…show more content…
Work overload due to nurse shortage, low salaries and additional factors as expected nurse conduct and behavior standards, in addition of competition with other recruitment countries have made recruitment and marinating the right nurse with the right qualification harder every year. Therefore, within this review we would examine causes that lead to this high turnover and try to provide effective solution for each cause. Variables of Concern: Through this review we will examine some of the variables that lead to the high rate of turnover in the King Abdulaziz University Hospital and how this number can be reduced significantly with few marginal adjustments to the recruiting policy: Behavior & Conduct Standers As most foreign nurses come to Saudi Arabia from countries like the Philippines and India, living the Saudi different culture and tradition becomes a daily ritual of these nurses' lives. Due to its pride in the Arabic and Islamic heritage, the Saudi Arabian customs and traditions sometime impose stricter rules and specific behaviors other than nurses have been accustomed to. Due to these differences in customs, imported nurses have a hard time to adjusting with Islamic & Arabian customs and traditions. Life luxuries substance as alcohol, sexually suggestive magazines, and narcotics among other things including any and all additives are not available in Saudi. Plus, the separation in the Saudi life between
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