Nurse Staffing And Patient Safety

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The largest and one of the important areas is the healthcare field are our nurses, yet everyday many are subjected to unfair working conditions such as excessive working hours, low wages, and lack of support from within an organization. This ultimately results in many of those in the nursing field seeking employment at other organizations, or switching career fields all together. This can result in a lack of nurses, which not only puts the patients at risk, it can also reflect negatively on an organization as a whole.
An article by the New York Times (2015), states, “Without nurses, the largest group of health care professionals in this country, there simply is no quality health care system.” (Nurse Staffing and Patient Safety, 2015) Many of us agree with the statement, as nurses are fundamental to the health and safety for all of us at some time in our lives. Knowing several nurses, the question was raised as to what they felt was the largest contributor to the nursing shortage.
The following statement comes from a personal interview with Cheryl E. Kitchen (2016) “Universities do not prepare nurses to nurse they prepare us to manage. Historically, nurses learnt in the clinical area we were hands on with patients. Now we sit in classrooms and learn about theories and planning and legal issues because we live in a society of blame and claim. There 's no respect for nurses any more they days where patients listened and trusted nurses are gone. Social media and Google are the
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