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Safe Nurse Staffing and Patient Outcomes Regina Valenzuela Northern Arizona University Abstract Proper nurse staffing has been a debate since the modernization of nursing for many years. This paper examines the results of five researched based articles on the effects of nurse staffing and the outcomes of patient care within a hospital setting. The articles do vary in their methods of gathering information. One study used organizational data from 799 facilitates in eleven states to examine the outcomes of care from the type of nursing care received (Needleman, Buerhaus, Mattke, Stewart, & Zelevinsky, 2002). Another study examined the outcomes of care of intensive care patients in 65 hospitals in the United Kingdom (West, Barron,…show more content…
Despite its inclusion of additional team members of a facility, the study does suggest that that there is a direct correlation between fewer nurses to higher patient mortality (West, Barron, Harrison, Rafferty, Rowan, & Sanderson). The study that examined the organizational data from 799 facilities in eleven states states that they found a congruous amount evidence that there was a relationship between higher levels of staffing by registered nurses and lower rates of adverse patient outcomes (Needleman, Buerhaus, Mattke, Stewart, & Zelevinsky, 2002). This study did not find similar evidence between licensed practical nurses or assistants. The study that examined specific determinants in relationship to adverse effects and negative patient outcomes revealed that there are many factors that contribute to negative and positive patient outcomes (Tourangeau, Cranley, & Jeffs, 2006) In this study, they find that better registered nurse staffing, high nurse autonomy, more years of nurse experience, strong leadership and support, baccalaureate educated nurses, and active involvement in hospital affairs have resulted in a decreased patient mortality rate (Tourangeau, et. al. 2006). Four of the mentioned studies did conclude in varying fashions that more registered nurses to patients did achieve better patient outcomes. The four studies did also conclude that

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