Nurse Varcoe And Doane Reflection

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In How To Nurse, Varcoe and Doane remind us that the word “relational” is far more complex than just the meaning of the “touchy-feely, emotional side of nursing” (Varcoe & Doane, 2015, p. 3). Relational practice describes a “complex interplay of human life, the world, and nursing practice” (Varcoe & Doane, 2015, p. 3). Incorporating relational practice into the profession of nursing is essential. In this paper, I will discuss a conversation I have had with my mother in regards to her feelings towards my grandmother’s smoking addiction. I will describe our communication style, provide examples of how I incorporated relational practice skills, comment on what worked and what didn’t, and suggest approaches that may have been more effective. Growing up, I can remember my mother’s ongoing disappointment and frustration with my grandmother’s smoking addiction. She continuously begged her mother to quit smoking, but unfortunately, her words never had much of an impact other than my grandmother trying not to smoke around her or moving outside the house to smoke. With my grandmother aging, her smoking has not decreased and with other compounding health issues, my mom is not just frustrated but also extremely saddened by the state of my…show more content…
With this, feelings of sympathy as well as joy arise in me when I noticed those arise in my mother. A certain point she discussed remembering a time when my grandma received a prescription from her family physician, which aided in her trying to quit smoking. This was a time that I noticed us being in sync, where we both had feelings of optimism and hope.
Relational capacities (initiative, authenticity, responsiveness; mutuality and synchrony; honouring complexity and ambiguity; intentionality;
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