Nurses And Advanced Practice Nurses

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There has always been a debate on the educational requirements for entry-level nurses; whether beside registered nurses or advanced practice nurses. Continuing education is always time well spent. What’s the big deal with diploma and associate degree nurses being intensely encouraged to obtain their bachelors? In situations similar to the push towards nurses having their bachelors, there is always going to be negativity and conflict. Although most will agree that individuals should have the right to choose what kind of education they want to acquire, does a profession like nursing run into opposition? The profession of nursing is held to high standards. Patients depend on their nurse to give them the best care possible. Through the online research this week it’s been interesting to learn the true importance behind the achievement of a Bachelor of Science in nursing. Through this debate on the educational requirements for entry level registered nurse and advanced nurse practitioners; it would be best to at least have a Bachelor of Science in nursing to provide patients with the best care. Registered Nurses As a nurse the patients are top priority. Nurses are around the patient more than any other health care worker. The nurse acts as a patient advocate, communicates with the rest of the healthcare team, and so much more. Whether it’s recognized or not, nurses are responsible for more than just clinical skills taught in nursing school. Patients are not just
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