Nurses And Effective Health Care Delivery

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Nurses are the key to effective health care delivery. They are healthcare professional, whose main goal is to provide care to the patient in both hospital and community. To become a professional nurse, a person must undergo theoretical and clinical education to meet its requirements. It is significant that student nurses receive quality education in preparation for the new working environment to provide holistic patient care. Graduating nurses should have the sense of fulfilment after completing the course. However, practising nurse can be crucial during transitioning period for the newly graduate nurses in which they need to function independently in the rapid, changing-paced health care environment. Newly qualified nurses may encounter challenges. These challenges either will encourage or discourage the newly graduate nurses to retain in the nursing profession. The challenges associated with the newly graduate nurses entering the workforce are numerous and complex. This essay will enumerate the identified challenges encountered during the transition period of a student nurse to a new registered nurse, including poor communication skills, work overload, integration of knowledge and skills, and lack of support within workplace with evidence of relevant personal experiences. The first challenge determined is poor communication skills. As for my experience, during lectures and tutorials in an Australian university, it is difficult for me to understand clearly and comprehend
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