Nurses And Licensed Practical Nurses

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There are 2,828,641 registered nurses and 690,038 licensed practical nurses in the United States. Nurses, in fact, make up the largest group of healthcare workers in the country. They are also among the most underpaid, understaffed, and overworked within the field, despite being on the front line of patient care and are helping to save lives on a regular basis. For decades there have been ramblings of an impending nursing shortage that always makes it was to the forefront of discussion. However, the nursing shortage is almost a facade for other nursing problems that plague the field. Nursing salaries are far too low to inspire others to enter the field, especially when there are so many other roads open to young people. Pay for nursing can…show more content…
One of the most major issues involved in the nursing revolves around balancing the ever increasing cost of healthcare and what it takes to maintain adequate staff to care for patients. As the baby boomer era retires and concurrently require more healthcare service, more nurses are needed. Technology and cost of medical services play a direct part in why hospitals and ambulatory care settings are struggling to properly staff their facilities and compensate their nurses. It is important to call into mind that nursing shortages have a sort of ebb and flow pattern that has existed throughout many decades, but it is how theses shortages are now dealt with in our modern society that will make the difference. Many facilities choose to now attempt to solve the problem by implanting mandatory and voluntary overtime practices. While overtime procedures may be a temporary boon to the problem, there are too many issues with its practice for it to continue as a legitimate solution. Overtime hours and patient safety are directly related and pose a serious problem. Many hospitals choose to use over time because of the familiarity of nurses to the units that they work with and costs the facility less money than a pool nurse or agency nurse without the added cost of benefits or breaks. Most nursing shift are either set in eight or
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