Nurses And Nurse Practitioners Work Together Monitoring A Range Of Patients

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Nursing is known to be one of the most challenging careers, owing to the tough responsibilities that nurse practitioners are charged with and the immense sensitivity of their role (Li, 2013). Both Registered nurses and nurse practitioners work together monitoring a range of patients’ health and providing them with adapt care needed within their scope of practice. However, the roles and the responsibilities they bestowed are different. Creating a balance between a tough job and the extremely sensitive wellbeing of a patient, which lies in the decisions that a nurse practitioner makes, does surely propel one to the pinnacle of clinical nursing. As they carry out this sensitive role, they are also expected to be active in a wide range of other areas, including research, education, policy, and clinical governance. It is true that the working environment in which they work, to a considerable extent, does not provide the flexibility needed by nurse practitioners in an effort to carry out these complex roles, but they somehow have shown they are able to achieve this (Fleming & Carberry, 2011). This essay looks to justify the claim that nurse practitioners are the pinnacle of clinical nursing drawn from evidence from existing literature. It will demonstrate the roles and responsibilities a nursing practitioner holds a higher expectation than a registered nurse. It is also argued though that there is immense pressure on registered nurse, making the nurse practitioners role not as
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