Nurses And Physicians And Physician Assistants

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It was an uneventful midmorning day, on the general medical floor; a list of patients already drawn out with what needed to be completed during our shift. A group of people huddled together discussing treatment plans and options. At that present time, rounding was just for physicians and physician assistants. But dietitians were recently included, so I got to watch as the providers presented their cases to one another. One individual stood out above the rest as she was presenting to her attending; she was confident, poised, and didn’t skip a beat during her presentation. Once the meeting was completed she sat down next to me and we started talking. She introduced herself as Becky, a physician assistant. Having never heard of the role before, she explained that she does examinations, diagnosing, carrying out investigations, as well as treatments and prescribing. Becky could tell I appeared very interested in this, and asked if I was able to spend some time shadowing to learn more about her role. The next patient she saw, I was able to go in the room with her and watch her examine a new patient, discuss his course of treatment, and follow up with the attending. She took me through the entire process of seeing a new patient from a PA perspective. That was all I really needed to get the wheels in my head turning for a new career.
I am currently a registered dietitian and love working in healthcare, but for a long time I have been unfulfilled in my job. I wish to maximize my…
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