Nurses And The Modern Era

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Nursing has been in this world in some type of way and form. There have been instances of nursing in the bible such as Deborah helping Rebekah to give birth to Esau and Jacob. There are also many parables that showed acts of nursing. Helping your sister with a bruised cut can even be a form of nursing. Although nursing has a big impact, it is also very broad and versatile. The field of nursing has adapted to the modern era we live in, contains many careers, requires certain characteristics, can be an occupation for males and females and provides a bridge of trust between the community and the health sector. In the beginning, nurses were restricted to only helping people in the bed who were medically ill, injured or near death. Now, nurses are in the emergency rooms, in the military, schools, and nursing homes. Nurses are slowly taking over as the main caretakers for the elderly in the West since modern society and the system gives their children less time to take care of them. The amount of elderly people living in nursing homes has grown to 3.2 million as recorded in a recent poll. Nurses are essential to their care and it is likely that the elderly would die sooner if nurses were not in these homes caring for them. Also, nursing school has evolved since it was first established in the early 1900’s. The number of degrees and programs changed from four to trn after the 1960’s and has remained to this day. Diploma schools have replaced Nightingale schools, diploma schools

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