Nurses And The Practice Of Nursing

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Most professions are identified, recognized, and associated with certain concepts and terminologies that define the particular profession. For the nursing profession, the concepts of health, illness, disease, disability, and wellness are words that most people use to define the role nurses and the practice of nursing. A better understanding of the definition of these terminologies would provide a framework by which clinicians could build upon to create effective practices, educate patients and families and provide awareness to the community resulting in a healthier society. Deciding Which Definition Applies Best

This writer finds it helpful to sort the many definitions of the identified terminologies and decides on one that best relates to her own values, health beliefs, and health behaviors. Furthermore, the terminologies would be posited on a continuum, as positive and negative, e.g., health and wellness would sit on the positive end; while illness, disease, and disability would be on the negative end of the continuum. However, regardless of which side of the continuum the terminology would sit, this writer would define each terminology as they relate to her own situation. This writer came from a culture that values health more than wealth. Filipinos are hard-working people, thus, this writer agrees…
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