Nurses Are Advocates And Protectors For Their Patients

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Change Assignment

Nurses are advocates and protectors for their patients they care for. A problem that is occurring, according to the charge nurse and clinical director in the CVICU, is that errors and inefficient actions are taking place due to miscommunication and loss of information at shift report. The current strategy on this unit includes report with the next shift nurse outside of the patient’s room. However, evidence from The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Safety has shown that bedside shift report can help ensure patient- centered care and safety (Wakefield, 2012, p. 243). Data from the Institute of Medicine shows that between 44,000 and 98,000 people die in US hospitals due to errors that could have been prevented if the correct information and actions had been communicated (Baker, 2010, p. 355). If the change is not initiated, there will continue to be preventable errors, patient dissatisfaction, decreased patient involvement in care, inconsistent information being communicated at shift report, and nurse frustration. As a leader and manager on the unit, I would implement the use of bedside reporting at shift change. As a leader and manager, it is important that the patients on the unit believe that they are receiving individualized, patient-centered care, and are involved in the goals and treatment plan that is set for them. There will also be benefits for the nurses on the unit. These benefits include more accountability, responsibility, teamwork,…
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