Nurses Are Causing Multiple Medication Errors in a Clinical and Practice Setting

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Identification of the Evidenced Based Problem The evidenced based problem that was identified for this research assignment, was that nurses were causing multiple medication errors in a clinical and practice setting. According to the authors Wolf, Hicks, and Serembus (2006), a medication error is defined as any preventable event that may cause or lead to inappropriate medication use or patient harm while the medication is in the control of the health care professional, patient, or consumer. It is very important for experienced nurses and nursing professors to identify medication errors to prevent them from harming the patient. Some of the errors that were identified were not reported because registered nurses didn’t want their peers to…show more content…
Causes of medication errors are important to recognize and evaluate otherwise patients will not be receiving quality care. Nursing students errors were mostly made under the field focused on the five rights of medication administration (Wolf, Hicks, & Serembus, 2006). Patient safety is at risk when student nurses do not know how to use the six rights of medication administration. If nursing educators and experienced nurses do not change their attitudes, or seek help with reporting errors, future nurses will not understand the severity of their actions when they fail to report a medication error. Theoretical Nursing Model Jean Watson’s Caring Theory relates to the evidenced based problem of nurses causing preventable medication errors. Healthcare is changing, and that means nurses are expected to take on more responsibilities. Nurses might have to increase their workload by working longer hours and deal with increased patient needs. Watson’s Theory of Human Caring recognizes that caring and vigilance is important in nursing. According to Watson (2001), the major elements of the caring theory are the carative factors, the transpersonal caring relationship, and the caring moment. To summarize all three elements, the nurses are caring when they are diligent, attentive, and supportive. The nurse must also establish trust, assist with basic needs, create a healing

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