Nurses Are The Largest Professional Organization Of Healthcare Essay

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Nurses are the largest professional organization of healthcare in the world. Nurses make a living sacrificing their lives for the sake of caring for their clients. Nurses put themselves on the back burner, while caring for, advocating, and nurturing their clients back to a healthy state. Working long hours, twelve-hour shifts, three to four days a week, mandatory overtime, missed bathroom breaks, and skipped lunch, are just a few examples of the dedication provided to their clients. Nurses are responsible for providing a safe and caring environment for healing to take place. As healthcare provider, we are expected to go the extra mile when providing excellent care to our clients, which is the organization’s optimal goal. Upon admission to an accrediting Magnet hospital, nurses are experienced, attentive, knowledgeable in evidence based practice, and spend more time at the bedsides providing compassionate care. As we shift nursing in the future, we know that nurses with higher level of education, translate in a better outcome for their clients. Education is vital in providing knowledge, skills, confidence, and the ability to give quality care to their clients. As we formulate this major transformation, eighty percent of nurses will hold a baccalaureate degree by the year 2020. Many employers are requiring a four-year college education or higher degree as an entry level into the nursing field. The International Organization for Migration has called for hospitals to
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