Nurses Can Use For Ameliorate Stress That Families Experience Related With An Acute Care Situation Involving A Burn Injury

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This paper explores three strategies Registered Nurses can use to ameliorate stress that families experience related to an acute care situation involving a burn injury. Scholarly articles and literature published within the last ten years were used to synthesize support for the interventions that Registered Nurses can implement as evidenced-based practice. Families experience stress related to significant stressors that include disturbed family routines and rituals as well as feelings of helplessness related to a lack of knowledge regarding burn injuries, treatment and the recovery process. As part of the standards of practice set out by professional regulatory bodies, Registered Nurses are responsible for identifying and intervening such stressors. Three strategies that Registered Nurses can implement to ameliorate burn injury related stress include facilitating family time, leading family meetings, and encouraging family members to be caregivers. The ultimate goals these interventions seek to attain are effective coping strategies and as much normal family functioning as possible. For the purpose of this paper the writers define normal as “the family’s functioning and routine prior to the acute care event”.
Keywords: family, stress, burn injuries, facilitator, leader, encourager, normalcy, functioning

Nursing Strategies to Ameliorate Stress Related to a Family Member’s Burn Injury
Families faced with an acute care situation, such as a family member suffering a severe…
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