Nurses ' Clinical Judgments Of Patient Pain And Sedative Requirements After The Implementation Of Assessment Tools

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1. Research Issue and Purpose The research question/issue: Do nurses in the intensive care unit (ICU) experience conflict between their clinical judgment and standardized care? The purpose of this study was to examine the nurses ' clinical judgments of patient pain and sedative requirements after the implementation of assessment tools. 2. Researcher Pre-understandings The researchers believe that clinical judgment of pain and sedation management in the intensive care unit is complex. Also, they believe there is a gap between knowledge, attitudes, and practice, reflecting an overall lack of adherence among nurses to standardized care. Lastly, the title of the research study could potentially imply the researchers perceive there may be…show more content…
As a result, there were 73% of the referenced articles included in the literature review published within ten years. There was a systematic meta-review and several other independent studies included. There were twelve articles referenced that had greater than ten years noted. However, many of these articles were the original research. The study did include reported literature findings with an integrated summary. There was a theoretical perspective applied to the understanding of the current body of knowledge. The authors applied Tanner 's 2006 Clinical Judgment Model to the findings to offer explanations for nurse 's intuition, decision-making, and reflection on those decisions. 4. Theoretical or Conceptual Framework Tanner 's 2006 Clinical Judgment Model was utilized as a framework for this research. This structure is a nursing framework. 5. Participants There were fourteen ICU nurses were divided into two focus groups for interviews. Two different hospitals were used. The nurses all had at least five years of nursing experience. They were aged thirty-five to sixty years old. Each focus group had six women and one male participant. The setting was appropriately structured in an ICU. Purposive sampling was conducted. This strategy was appropriate. The sample size was marginally appropriate. However, the researchers rationalized that the purposive selection of experienced nurses would add quality to the content retrieved from the
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