Nurses : Educators But Not Advocates For A Healthy Lifestyle?

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Nurses: Educators but Not Advocates for a Healthy Lifestyle?
The most advanced nursing professionals, who are practitioners and registered nurses, can spend up to six years becoming educated on the human body, various health assessments and medicines. These professionals use their achieved knowledge to then educate the patients that they come into contact with on a daily basis. Transmitting this essential health information is beneficial to the human race as they try to attain or obtain healthier lives, and nurses and other health professionals are usually expected to make great health choices so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle and be role models for individuals within their community. Nursing professionals being role models for
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If their patient can observe and identify that their health care provider has not taken their own medical instruction, it can influence their credibility. Although these professionals have admirable degrees and an extensive amount of education it is controversial that their appearance can very well influence their validity. Considering that this does actually occur, it is vital that these professionals put forth effort to be healthy from the inside out like they assist their patients to be. As these professionals accept a healthier lifestyle, it will translate to their patients and, in return, they will become more likely to embrace and execute their medical guidance. Nursing professionals guide their patients on their personal paths to an enhanced well-being. For example, a patient suffering from high blood pressure because they are overweight can then become more likely to experience a condition as critical as a stroke. Their nursing professional will advise them to adopt a healthier diet and exercise on a consistent schedule to develop a healthier weight. In the situation that the professional is also overweight the patient may begin to believe that it will be too difficult to overcome their unhealthy habits and adopt
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