Nurses Leadership Roles in Policy

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"There is a movement afoot, and that movement is saying that if we do not get nurses fully engaged at every level of this delivery system, from policy formulation to operations, that we all ultimately suffer, and we are tired of suffering," Reed V. Tuckson, MD, FACP, executive vice president and chief of medical affairs at UnitedHealth Group in Minnetonka, Minnesota, stated at the January 20 RWJF panel meeting. "It seems incredible that at a time when our challenges are the worst they have ever been and are getting more complex, that we would somehow not make use of all of our assets....," Dr. Tuckson added. "It is past time for health policy and for healthcare institutions to not maximally benefit from the experience, the knowledge, and…show more content…
"INQRI has already generated clear evidence that better nursing improves quality of care, and our findings are not unique," Dr. Naylor said. "Our work indicates that having nurses in leadership positions can only serve to improve public health.... In addition to generating evidence to support new models and standards of care, we are also capitalizing on opportunities to move that evidence into practice and to use it to inform policy; now we must expand on and increase those efforts." Dr. Naylor and Dr. Gerrity have been recognized by RWJF's Raise the Voice campaign as "Edge Runners," or nurse leaders who have developed and directed innovative, successful models of care in collaboration with nurses, physicians, and other health professionals. For example, one of these longstanding, evidence-based programs focuses on improving outcomes and preventing rehospitalization of older patients, and another focuses on providing access to a large number of people in a low-income, urban community in Philadelphia. "In this era of healthcare reform, where the talk is around containing costs, adding value, increasing access, and improving quality, nurses do just that," Dr. Hassmiller said. "Nurses are an incredible resource that we're not tapping nearly as much as we should. They are also
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