Nurses' Perception Towards Evidence-Based Practice: A Descriptive Study

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The article chronicles a study involving a survey of 1,144 registered nurses (RNs) nurses working at a Singapore hospital which deployed a "descriptive cross-sectional" design "to explore nurses' knowledge and attitudes towards evidence-based practice (EBP), barriers and facilitators in the adoption of EBP"¦.time constraints and the lack of EBP knowledge and skills were major barriers for RNs to adopt EBP" (Yip et al 2013: 34). The study concluded that without significant improvements in training and 'marketing' of EBP to nurses, the value of EBP cannot be realized.
Previous literature had indicated knowledge gaps that impede the implementation of EBP. As many of 68% of nursing respondents "indicated difficulties with understanding statistical analyses and 56%-59% of participants had problems with evaluating the quality of research reports" (Yip et al 2013: 35). EBP specifically attempts to use current research literature to improve patient care and emphasizes the use of demonstrated, effective treatment over standard operating procedures and 'conventional wisdom' when treating patients. The study's…
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