Nurses-Personal Narrative

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It was a little scary how fast you adjusted to Ben being in the infirmary full time, and how comfortable you were there. You had come to find the usual bustle of the nurses and patients didn’t really bother you anymore. It was almost like adjusting to a new home, where each creak in the floorboards underfoot feels wrong and foreign, but after a few weeks you don’t even notice it anymore. Even Madam Kalonia began to warm up to you, and it sure was nice to see her harsh frown lines become soft. Between homework and class you spent most of your time, until you were kicked out for the night, with Ben. It was nice to have a quiet space to study and do homework where no one really disturbs you. Of course it was great to see Ben getting better and better everyday. His cuts had closed up and turned to a baby pink, and the purple bruises that covered his body began to fade to yellow. You followed his case very closely, annoying the nurses with all of your questions. At first, when they found his body in the woods his injuries were too severe to transport him all the way to the hospital, so he stayed in the castle’s infirmary. Nurses came all the way over from Saint Mungo’s,…show more content…
Walking all the way up to the divination tower was a drag, but catching up if you missed class would be worse, so you wove through students who lined the hall. Maybe there were more people or maybe not having someone to talk to made the castle feel fuller than before. You used to be such a busy bee, buzzing from friend to friend, but since your friends all graduated a year ahead of you there was nobody left to buzz to. Except for Ben, who by all means was currently your best friend, but you found it a little pathetic that most of your friendship was spent with him unconcious. Adjusting from being with friends 24/7 to being alone most of the time was proving to be quite the
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