Nurses Practitioners And Physicians Practitioners

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For years people relied on doctors and their medical care; and why would they trust their care to a nurse practitioner or a physician’s assistant. In the current day the nurse practitioners and physicians assistants can perform the same if not better care that a medical doctor. Many doctor offices are employing more nurse practitioners and physicians assistants due to cost and using the medical doctors as the chief for the office. However, nurse practitioners (NP) and physician assistants (PA) are limited in some of their capabilities’ and sadly paid less.
A nurse practitioner are registered nurses that has completed some necessary education such as Bachelor of Science degree in nursing (BSN), or completion of a diploma program however they must hold a master’s degree, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, (2014-2015). Associate degree in nursing programs which usually take 2–3 years. BSN programs are offered by colleges and universities and take 4–5 years and diploma programs are administered in hospitals and usually take 2–3 years. The training includes different medical conditions that include diagnosis and various treatments.
After becoming a nurse practitioner they can provide all the same care as a physician and also be a patient’s primary care provider. NP’s can provide care to patients of all ages from pediatrics to geriatric care. NP’s can work in doctor offices, nursing homes and hospitals however some locations require a medical doctor on premises. Many
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