Nurses Should Be Burdened By Excessive Patient Ratios

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Nursing is one of the oldest and most respected careers in the world. It is a difficult career field in many aspects and requires that nurses are engaged, agile, empathetic and involved in every aspect of a patient’s care; earning the profession the most trusted career title in the United States. There has been immense changes and technological developments throughout the years that has eased the workload for nurses, improved the treatment regime and life expectancy for patients. However, amidst all the improvements and notable technological advancements, nurses continue to be burdened by excessive patient ratios that have proven harmful to patients and has contributed to continuous burn out within the profession and preventable errors. Nursing ratios vary by state, facility and specialty. Nurse to patient ratios are often guided by the acuity of the patient population; however, the status of an admitted patient is fluid and may change quickly at any time requiring nursing intervention and close monitoring. In NJ, Nurses in hospital settings have patient loads of up to ten (10) patients. Staffing within hospitals is a very challenging aspect of healthcare as numbers fluctuate frequently, however, with the use of agency staffing, PRN staffing and overtime this can be achieved efficiently to promote safe and quality healthcare delivery for patients. Currently in NJ “a coalition of labor unions is pushing the state to revise its minimum nurse-staffing rules for the first time

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