Nurses Should Not Be Successful Nurses

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Nursing students must surpass most of the key challenges that they may encounter in able to be successful nurses. Nurses should possess qualities related to caring because being efficient and good in theoretical studies may not be enough. Upon finishing the course, majority of the newly graduate nurse apply in a healthcare facility wherein there is a period of time in which a nurse who is starting in a new job is tested to see if that person is able to do the job properly. Distinctive challenges might come up from the time of job searching to job interview till the time they will be hired to any workplace related to their course. This essay will deliberate the challenges that I may encounter in the future and the ways how can I overcome and handle the situations effectively as I progress from being a student to a professional nurse. More specifically when I succeeded in the interview and completing my first year in a transition as a registered nurse in an institution. The first 2 challenges that I will tackle will be the problems I may encounter when I am applying for a job and attending an interview. The final 4 challenges will be the problems that I may encounter during my first 6-12 months in a transition program.

The graduate year requires the new nurses to make the move from student in a university setting to a professional registered nurse utilized inside the healthcare institution. But, different challenges awaits the newly graduate nurses and the first step is to…
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