Nurses Should Respect And Let Patient Exercise Autonomy

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Pain re-assessment should be done in a timely manner to The reassessment of pain Lachman (2012) affirmed that patients may endure by some nurses practice in their delivery of care. It is imperative that nurses must perform pain assessment in a timely manner for evaluating patient’s level of pain and for developing a new plan for pain management if possible. Failure to reassess or any delay in care practice may be considered as negligence and a violation of the principle of the beneficence This inexperience can cause more harm to patient than any support.
The nurse should respect and let patient exercise autonomy about their care because patients have the right to make one’s own decisions. Most importantly patient’s opinions are more important than what nurses think about their choices (Bernhofer, 2011). According to Bernhofer, (2011) patients described that exercising their autonomy helped them to make the right decision about their care and their pain control as well. Effective pain management and satisfaction about their treatments plan are noted in those patients who took advantage of the ethical principle of autonomy. As healthcare professionals, our objective is to do good to every individual client, regardless of their medical conditions and social-economic status. This is nothing but safeguarding the ethical principle of beneficence. Doing good for patients suffering from pain is only taking care of the patient by relieving their pain with pain medication, reassess…
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