Nurses Starting Off As A Cna

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Nurses Starting Off As a CNA In a lot of people’s minds the Certified Nursing Assistant is the backbone of the facility. Employers that have good and hard-working certified nursing assistants tend to have happier residents. On top of that, it is common knowledge that if a Registered Nurse is qualified to pronounce someone dead, then he or she is more than qualified to take someone to the bathroom. At every facility there are nurses who will make the residents wait until the CNA comes to get them instead of just taking the residents themselves. Now more and more schools are requiring that student nurses have the proper training because in a lot of people’s minds the best nurses start off as CNAs. In the world of nursing, the nursing…show more content…
In a perfect world, all of the units of a team work together. In the real world, many people know that this is not a perfect world. Therefore, if an individual becomes a CNA they will have the chance to make a real difference in the life of a person suffering from an illness, disease, or disability. People that become CNAs before becoming a nurse learn good communication skills with patients, families, and other healthcare staff. For instance, someone with CNA experience on their first day of clinical rotations, will already know what to expect because of prior CNA experience. Becoming a CNA is an excellent way to help determine if nursing is a good career choice for an individual, and nursing students who have some exposure to health care by being a CNA may seem to feel more comfortable when it comes to their nursing classes. . According to Campus Explorer (2015) being a CNA is proven to be beneficial when it comes to nursing clinical rotation (para 3). What it takes to be CNA Being a CNA, involves being a caring and kind-hearted individual. If someone is not really a nice person, then the residents and the team will suffer. A strong stomach is, also, required because the amount of bodily fluids the CNAs deal with is beyond disgusting. According to, Nursing for Guys (2010) “A CNA will be used to cleaning up other’s poop and pee. Also blood” (para 4). Also to be a good assistant, the aides have to be able to take criticism and deal
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