Nurses: The Patients Best Advocates Essay

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The human body is the most complex organism in the world. A vast majority of society never gives it real thought, but our body is a well oiled machine composed of several systems with separate functions yet they all work together. No man can recreate an exact working replica of a human; even with all of our technology we still do not fully understand it. Each day anatomists and physiologists are getting closer, by making medical breakthroughs. Therefore, since the study of the human body constantly is evolving, so is the study of medicine. These changes pertain to every position held in the medical field, including nurses. As doctors’ duty is to become well informed of the constant changes, it is just as important for nursing staff…show more content…
As a nurse it is your responsibility to make your patient feel comfortable enough to disclose everything to you, therefore you must build a rapport and earn your patients trust. You should be an advocate for your patient. It is the nurse, who updates the doctor on the signs and symptoms. If you are not an effective communicator with your patient, you may miss a very crucial detail that could potentially harm the patient or put the hospital at risk for negligence. It is your job as a nurse, to monitor your patients and gather the facts to evaluate if the doctors’ orders are working. Your patient may have an allergic reaction to a medicine administered by you, and ordered from the doctor. It is your responsibility to notice that, make the judgment to discontinue the drug until you speak to the doctor for further instruction. How would that be possible if you didn’t notice your patient was itching or swelling? Maybe your patients’ airway was constricted and couldn’t breathe, and you assumed he was sleeping. You must always check and recheck, and be prepared for the worst. You cannot rely on your patient verbally telling you what is wrong; you must have the ability to read between the lines as well. Secondly, we know by now that the medical field is constantly changing. As technology evolves so do we. Scientists are in labs every day discovering new causes, treatments and cures for diseases. We are identifying more pathogens constantly, and learning
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