Nurses Use A Systematic Approach

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Abstract Nurses use a systematic approach to providing individualized care to meet health care needs of patients, families, populations and communities without prejudice. Because nurses assume the responsibility and accountability of all patient care it is critical that they are professional and competent. Setting goals plays a massive part in the guidelines for the nursing practice. This prevents nurses from getting overwhelmed and overloaded. They need time to deliberate and make changes accordingly in order to constantly improve the quality of care for each and every patient. When conflict does arise the cooperation of key players can be beneficial to help improve a situation or problem. Writing a journal and setting goals makes it much easier for nurses to recognize what areas they need a little reinforcing. Acute Care Formative Journal Journaling is a crucial aspect of Nursing by reflecting and incorporating personal experience, clinical experience, and theoretical approaches. It requires nurses to make links between thought and action, concept and practice. Not only will nurses improve their performance but they will also become more competent nurses upon graduation. Daily Goals Jun 23, 2016, Objective Day #1: To establish the instructions, supervision, and training that is required when implementing nursing procedures or practices. By the end of the day, I will function within the scope of practice as a student nurse and become acquainted with the staff, as well
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