Nurses Working Around The Clock Essay

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Nurses, working around the clock to provide care and help to those in need, requiring focus and dedication to their jobs. They have become a staple in hospitals because they do the majority of interacting with patients and doctors. Working twelve-hour shifts, sometimes longer nurses work with the goal of bettering those in their care. Nurses work in many divisions of hospitals such as Radiology and GI, Gastrointestinal. They can become floor nurses and traveling nurses, moving to different floors of a hospital or hospitals in different cities and states. Working in hospitals and other medical centers, nurses focus on helping those in the bigger community, a nurse’s jobs revolves around assisting people back to their optimal health and to get them back home. The mother of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale knew she was bound to be a nurse because of the care she provided in her village. Once she entered the army as a nurse, she changed how nurses worked- doing different rounds, cleaning so there was no contamination around the nurses and the wounded soldiers. These few changes allowed the hospitals to adjust their operations- especially in the army hospitals. A few years later she helped establish St Thomas Hospital, which contained Nightingale Training School for Nurses. There were three training centers founded on the operations and ideas of Nightingale. Two nursing organizations are still open today. State nursing organizations set regulations and gave nurses a legal
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