Nurses and Labor Unions

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Industrial Labor Relations Mgmt 4531.01 Spring 2011 Strength In Numbers Nurses and Labor Unions Justine Steele Strength in Numbers – Nurses and Labor Unions The mission is successful negotiation of fair wages, safe working conditions and exemplary patient care. Can the nation’s labor unions help nursing healthcare professionals meet these mission goals? Battles are currently being fought to preserve and reform the Nation’s healthcare system. Along with proposed changes to the affordability and accessibility of medical care, healthcare providers will be faced with challenges of patient-to-provider ratios, rising costs, falling salaries/benefits and change in patient care roles. Will quality care be provided and will the…show more content…
The combined efforts of these workers present a powerful force for negotiation and influence. The SEIU believes that the Healthcare industry is important and must have a voice. The Nurse Alliance provides support for nursing professionals in the public, private and home health arenas. The SEIU “counts 84,000 nurses among its members.” (Bush) In direct competition with the SEIU for the nursing professional’s support is the National Nurses United (NNU). The NNU is “the largest nursing union in the country.” (Ashack) The NNU is a merger of multiple smaller organizations who together have a membership exceeding 155,000. (Ashack) The NNU was formed in 2009 with the purpose of creating a larger more powerful bargaining unit for negotiations. The NNU is a nursing organization and does not funnel its funds to other sectors of the industry. This fact has been a driving force in their increasing membership over the SEIU. But unionization has not been easy. As membership has grown, so has the “bully on the street” mentality. Some associations do not want to be part of such a large organization and may feel that they will be under represented in specific issues, and not all nurses are for unionization. Many feel that unionization with suppress their opportunities to seek promotions, raises and benefits as funds are watered down to cover many professions covered in the services industry. Many cities and States have local organizations or associations which
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