Nursing : A Code Of Conduct Or Ethics

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In any occupation there lies a code of conduct or ethics by which we represent ourselves to our peers, supervisors, and the public. It is within that set of behavior that will determine how people are viewed, treated and impacted. Nursing requires characteristics of professionalism that are detrimental to the outcome of patient care.
In the early 1800s nursing was looked at as a position held by people that were dishonest, unfavorable and illiterate. This all changed after Florence Nightingale entered the nursing field. According to Lee, Clark and Thompson (2013) Nightingale’s core purpose was cleanliness. She was able to introduce sanitary and hygienic practices as basic nursing skills, which consisted of fresh air and light and clean linens and surroundings. This also brought about the idea that nursing would not bring additional injury to the patient. She required nurses that worked with her and under her adhere to strict code professionalism. If they could not follow that code, they were sent home. As Florence 's career advanced, her ideas and expectations became public. This would lead to the British government honoring her for sustaining life through her practices and teaching. Using the discipline she had promoted, she then moved towards opening her own school for nurses. For over the last 100 years, Florence Nightingale has inspired nursing at its very foundation. Her ethics and principals have set standards in the nursing profession more than any other person.…

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