Nursing : A Concept Idea Called The Nursing

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What is Nursing? Nursing does not have a simple definition, it is rather a mix of complex ideas. Nursing is not only the practice of providing care for the sick and injured but caring for the whole person beyond the physical state. Nursing is providing mental care by interacting with families and assuring them of quality care. For this reason, people in the field of nursing need to be outstanding communicators and relationship oriented by showing empathy and professionalism. They need to be advocates for others by informing family members on a case regarding a patient and listening to their patient to provide appropriate care. Nursing also involves critical thinking by assessing a situation and being able to think quickly and…show more content…
In nursing we look at human response and I believe in the realm of this response lies one 's physical and psychological state. Nursing concerns itself with the patient 's mental state by making sure a patient feels as comfortable as possible. This could be done by setting goals. Imogene King through her Goal Attainment Theory, states that people all have a similar characteristic in that we all have the ability to “set goals and to select the means to achieve goals, and to make decisions” (McEwen, Wills, 2014, p. 174). I believe this is one of the main ways a nurse can look at maintaining good mental health for a patient. In obstetrics, the goal attainment theory can come into play when discussing a dietary plan for a mother, or when discussing a healthy amount of weight gain. Another aspect of the person paradigm is the patient 's social health. This could be met by showing the patient they are “cared for, respected, and understood” (McEwen, Wills, 2014, p. 185 ). This idea was formed by Watson through her Theory of Human Caring. When relating this back to obstetrics I thought of the single mother. I believe creating a good social health for a mother who is alone could be attained by suggesting a social group. Another state of being is the spiritual health of a patient. A patient with a strong spiritual belief needs a nurse who is both open-minded and respectful. Being open-minded and respectful is not limited to the person concept of the metaparadigm, it
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