Nursing : A Important And Interesting Job

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Introduction Nursing is a very important and interesting job to humankind. This profession has been around and helping people for many years going way past the Civil War; nursing is also noticed in the Bible. Nurses can be found in many different places including Hospitals and Elderly Homes. In this paper there is going to be information about the history of nursing, all the types of nursing, also very important people in nursing such asnamed Clara Barton, Christiane Reimann, and Florence Nightingale. Also were nursing can be found, the career of nursing, and other facts about nursing that is very useful. The History of Nursing The first nurse was surprisingly recorded in the Bible, in. Romans 16:1 itthat states “I commanded our sister Phoebe, who is a servant of the church which this at Cenchrea.””. Nursing is also the oldest known profession it the career field. In the beginning all nursing was known to be at home. Europe used to make Monks and Nuns be the Nurses for the town. The old term for Hospital were nursing can be held was called “Hostel of God.” Clara Barton Do you know who help design and work in the first red cross ? Clara Barton was the first person to design and work in the red cross. Clara Barton was born on Dec. 25 1821 in Oxford, Massachusetts. Clara’s parents were named Stephen Barton and Sarah Barton. She had 2 brothers named David and Stephen. When Clara was eleven years old her brother, David fell off the top of a barn and got very sick and
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