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Historically, the nursing field is one that has consistent positive job outlooks, as there is typically a continued shortage. Healthcare is the backbone of most communities, not just for its services, but also for the jobs it provides and the economy stimulation. Jill Bernstein, author for “Changes in Health Care Financing and Organization” states, “The health care industry is a critical component of the national, and most regional and local economies of the United States” (4). The nursing field has suffered challenges due to the economic, social, and the political downturn of the U.S. Nevertheless, there is still some noticeable growth taking place and opportunities available. This shows encouraging signs for new nursing graduates.…show more content…
Another challenge is for nursing students looking for clinical hours, whom are having more difficulty obtaining placement because of decreased patient loads. Experienced nurses who have left the field to stay at home and raise families or for retirement find they are now returning to work to support their families in wake of spousal layoff. This is taking jobs away from new graduates. Depending on the specialty new graduate nurses are looking for, employment in those areas may be more difficult to find. Nurses need a certain degree of flexibility in these economic times in order to be successful.
While there are notable cutbacks in some areas of nursing, there is still a considerable shortage in many areas. It may not be as great of a shortage as in the past, but the need is still there. Bernstein points out, while some physicians may have seen a downturn in patients, free or sliding scale health clinics have seen a boom in business (4). With the number of uninsured and underinsured growing, people turn to these clinics for their care. This offers some great opportunities for nurses. Some of the recent funding for clinics has come from President Obama’s stimulus package. To accommodate the increase in patient load more nurses will be hired using stimulus money. Bill Rudman, editor for American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) reported the “American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) provides approximately $59 billion

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