Nursing Adn vs. Bsn

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ADN AND BSN NURSES Difference in Competencies between ADN and BSN nurses. Amber D. Sobkowiak Grand Canyon University: NRS-403 Professional Dynamics January 20, 2013 ADN AND BSN NURSES In the nursing profession, entry-level nurses have either completed an Associate’s Degree in nursing or a Bachelor’s degree in nursing. Both degrees train students to perform at a minimum competency level and both train students to perform nursing tasks in all the main areas which include adult medical- surgical, maternal-child, and mental health nursing. ADN and BSN graduates are both required to take and pass the NCLEX licensing exam before they can practice as a nurse. Even though both degrees train students to perform the same duties as a nurse…show more content…
Both practice medication safety and monitor patients for potential side effects. All nurses practice to maintain a safe environment for their patients. They provide care to patients with many different illnesses and in many different specialty areas. ADN AND BSN NURSES ADN and BSN nurses both deal with patients from many different ethnicities, religions, beliefs, and lifestyles. All nurses regardless of their degrees must learn how to establish a nurse-patient relationship. In situations where a leadership role is needed, a BSN nurse would be a better candidate. In a high stress situation which involves a patient’s immediate outcome, a BSN nurse is better educated in disease processes and has stronger leadership skills. Though both ADN and BSN nurses provide direct care at bedside, BSN nurses have a stronger foundation in nursing, and are educated to perform in higher positions in the nursing profession. A BSN as the entry level to nursing is on the rise to becoming the standard, due to better patient outcomes. ADN AND BSN NURSES References Aiken, L.H., Clarke, S.P., Sloane, D.M., Lake, E.T. & Cheney, T. (2008, May). Effects of hospital care environment on patient mortality and nurse outcomes. Journal of Nursing Administration, 38(5), 223-229. Friberg, Creasia and (). Conceptual Foundations: The Bridge to Professional Nursing Practice [5], 15, 82-83. McHugh, M.
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